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By: Hector Quintanilla

What are things we didn’t learn in school, but we should?

Pay attention, you will NEVER learn this in school.

The economics of work.

Do the math:

  • Minimum wage in 1970: $2.10/hr
  • Price of 1 oz of gold in 1970: $37

 Back then, 17.62 minimum-wage-hours were needed to buy 1 oz of gold. ($37 / $2.10)


  • Minimum wage (Texas): $7.25/hr.
  • Price of 1 oz of gold: $1,800 (approx.)

— —> Today, a minimum wage worker needs to work 248.27 hours to afford 1 oz of gold. ($1,800 / $7.25)


In today’s dollars, a minimum wage worker would need to make: $7.25 x 14 = $101.50/hr. to have the equivalent purchase power of 50 years ago.

When will this trend stop?

It won’t.

The value of labor will continue to be depreciated.

Stop working for money — instead, invest your time building assets that make money for you.

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