The Clark Street Crew!

W.O.W (words of wisdom)

Mark Wilson

What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

1.H.O.P.E. = Hold On. Pain Ends.

2. Overthinking: The art of creating problems that were not even there.

3. Making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a life.

4. If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.

5. A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone’s opinion matters.

6. When deciding on quality or quantity, it is always better to choose quality. It is the same when choosing your life partner.

7. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

8. When fate hands us a lemon, let us try to make lemonade.

9. You can be important to someone but not all the time.

10. Be kind to yourself when you fail. Your failures do not define you.

11. Debt is not worth the stress. If you can avoid debt, do it.

12. We are most alive when we are in love. So, go and find someone to love.

13. You owe nobody anything, so do not waste your time feeling bad about it.

14. Age has no bearing on how you should think, act, or feel. Numbers were only invented to measure arbitrary things. You must be who you are no matter what number age you are.

15. Do not wait for the right one to come. Get out there and work for it.

16. You cannot please everyone, so do not try.

17. Your past does not equal your future.

18. Express your love for the people in your life that matter most. You never know if you will see them again.

19. Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.

20. Being unique is better than being perfect.

21. Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.

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